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#109564 - 5 inches, I said okay don't mind me, go ahead get started, my hubby turned on the laptop he had hooked up to the TV and started the slide show of my photos ranging from clothed, swimsuit, underwear, naked to me sucking cock and being fucked by my hubby and other men. The guys all sat down and started to rub their cocks getting them hard, I sat on the bed watching them a photo came up of me in red silk panties, I said oh I was wearing them today, Eddie asked if he could touch them and jack off in them, I went in the bath and got them, as I handed them to Edie my robe came open and Leon looked right at my pussy, he said I love a hairy white cunt, Eddie took the panties and sniffed them, he passed them to Leon who did the same, Leon stood up and dropped the panties in my hubby's lap and said put them on, and walked over to me took me in his strong arms and kissed me I felt his hands removing my robe as his toung was playing with mine, he pushed me to floor and started slapping my fa

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I would lick that pussy
Awesome hentai love all the positions and the ending was fantastic love how lora and the blonde are two totally different body types but both sexy as hell
Ryoga hibiki