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#165079 - “Yes Mistress” as Elise walked in and then kneeled before me, looking at Hailey “That is how you walk and talk to me” and Elise do something with the bitches hair I don’t like it at all and by morning it better be pleasing to me or you will feel my wrath as well and I walked to my bed room to retire for the night. I released her for her restraints and helped her up holding her hand I took her to the shower, Elise was there waiting as she should have been. Elise took a slender toy and slid in her pussy over filling her screams of ecstasy rang out as with a few more hard pounding Hailey’s pussy exploded her juice spraying out everywhere and her cries now turn to whimpers I pulled her close again and whispered to her, “Thank you Mistress, oh thank you”.

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