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#358883 - We walked back to Ben with him greeting us with You Guys look like you had fun and then he started laughing hysterically, I was wondering what's so funny, so he took a photo of me and showed me the cum on my lips. I told him, in the back of the classroom, and to my surprise he said he was fine with it, and that started him always talking dirty to me, it gets frustrating at times but I like it and he likes annoying me, at least that's why I thought he liked it for a few weeks, anyway after English we had Maths, I hate Maths but I'm good at it because there is one answer and not like English how you can argue like my English teacher said, in maths 2+2=4, but in English 2+2 can equal 5 if you want it to, I always argued with her about that, I even showed her my calculator and she just told me to sit down, whatever, let's not get carried away at how much I hate my English teacher. The only problem was my little brother Caleb.

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