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#331742 - As me and father finish telling our bloody tale we start eating our meal dad looks at me I wrote my last will and testament son you know where it is, yes dad I do, ok so if anything happens to me Luna will be your adviser, hold on do you know what the job details are yes I do my love thats why I chose you for it and you will be his military commander now William if something happens to your mother or heaven forbid something happens to both of us you will take the throne either way because only royalty can take the throne, yes dad, good boy now get some sleep its been a long day. So off to bed me and Vanessa go I get undressed with Vanessa and she hops in bed beside me would the young prince like a blowjob, no not tonight lets just get some sleep I'm really tired tonight, ok handsome goodnight. It is with my great sorrow to announce the passing of the great king Lucian who died of natural causes but today is also a day for joy for this beautiful kingdom will not be left with out a ki

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Levy mcgarden
Paisley porter
Yuuma kousaka
Shes not dead xddddd this is ultra fake ive seen dead bodies at the morgue shes cute but shes not dead