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#191508 - He was on me and in me within moments, and I groaned at his dominance, and his love, as he wrapped his long forelegs around my chest, his mouth and tongue against my wet hair and neck, licking and sucking and nibbling with pleasure, giving me pleasure, and his cock began entering the hole to my core, deliciously long and pointy, just like his ears and face and legs. It was wet, hard and, of course, small, but it clearly gave him feelings as I gently masturbated him, and he even spat juice out of it into my fingers, a pool of it on to my palm. I stumbled and ran to my bathroom, again cleaning myself out, and ejecting copious amounts of white milky substance, saying `sorry` to the wasted sperm as it entered the realms of the sewage system when I flushed the toilet and dried my bottom.

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Quickie sex before to sleep after a long day
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Great hentai thank you