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#250115 - she handed him a glass of water and went back to the kitchen, to finish dinner, after she had the food on the plate she crushed half a sleeping pill and sprinkled it on his food, dinners done she called to him bringing the food to the dinning room. Tina dragged him to her basement, she changed him into a pair of tight leather shorts, and chained him up in the middle of the room, it was about 45 minutes befor he began to stir and pull against the chains. Pulling the levers again making him stand he squeeled as he got up, Tina pull another lever this time (there were about 6) and the chains began to move back wards toward the bed and making him lay back, his cock was hard even though he was in pain, Tina removed the strap-on and got on her knees infromt of him looks like you still wanna play with mommy she giggled, she licked his cock and climbed onto him his cock was bigger then she thought about 9 at least and she forced it all into her, she moved up and down slowly at first

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