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#161102 - I swallow the last of my water, and move to kneel on the cushion again, assuming the wide kneeling pose of a pleasure slave that I know Daddy likes to see me in, so he can see how swollen my cunt lips are and see the sheen of juice smeared over my thighs and pussy. ” He makes me reverently kiss the paddle, making sure I see how the 3 inch wide head with a solid handle so he can control it easily, then he stands up behind me, rubbing my ass softly, running his fingers closer and closer to my pussy lips, finally running his middle finger over the folds of my drooling cunt right before he takes his hand away and I feel the whoosh of air caress my skin the microsecond before the paddle connects to my right ass cheek, making my head jolt up and a loud moan escape from my throat. I reach up, touching his face, whispering, “Best Daddy in the world,” before snuggling up against him to relax as he smiles and smooths out my messy hair.

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