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#73941 - I will ring you later and let you know ok bye. off we went two girls in the back as we were on our way, I don’t know why but for some reason I looked at eddy's pants and saw a large stain on the crotch of them, as they were black, the white stain it stood out more, when we got to Mac’s the girls got out and ran inside I took hold of Eddy and told him I said I am not In the habit of looking at men’s crotch’s but the stain is quite large you might want to do something about it before the girls see it and think you had a wet dream while you were sleeping at the movie and laugh, with that he took himself off to the loo to sorted it out when came back he said the dryer is not working in the bath room you could see a large wet stain their you would think he had wet himself I gave the keys to the car, I said don’t worry we will get a takeaway I told the girls they laugh and said sure we would like that, the girls ordered the food for all of us, I paid we picked it up and went back to f

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