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#277476 - She took the wolf head and held it against her chest sighing heavily as her heart begin to slow down as the safeness of the wolf being with her Greywind closes his eyes as he felt safe in Talisa embrace he would die for her, Robb, or their unborn child any day of the week. It wasn’t long before she cummed to which Greywind eaten it all up he pull out of her pussy and stood over her nude body she looked at him with love in his eyes he wasn’t done yet his dick was hard and big and she wanted it she grab a hold of his head and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth give me that big dick of your I want it in my pussy. He growl in her mouth as he lay down on her covering her nude body on his fur he slowly pick his dick into her pussy she moan into his mouth as he snarl into her mouth it wasn’t long before the dick was shoved into her and he begin pumming into her she moan as she pull away form his mouth oh my my my my god yes yes yes yes yes yes oh god it feel so good

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What a woman
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