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#139903 - Once they were all in the room Sissy was amazed to see five women, three of them were hung upside down by their ankles with their legs spread very wide apart by some sort of spreader bar! and their hands bound behind their back, they were also blindfolded and totally nude and a dozen or so men dressed in black leather hooded outfits that left only their gigantic cocks sticking out that were waging! as if it were some kind of medieval phallic symbol, this really contrasted with the black leather outfits they were wearing, and several of these cocks, were even bigger black ones! They were taking turns brutally whipping the woman's bare bottoms, hanging breasts and especially their wide open legs as the pussies, these young women were helplessly exposed as they gently swung back and forth. My Slutty Wife as a Dog Slave Bitch! Part 2 Bull lead Sissy to one of several motel rooms and knocked on the door, someone said come in, Sissy was pulled with the tight leash around her neck

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