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#88140 - James started to eat as his mother was standing there speechless starring at laurien laurien what are you doing !? Why do you have cum on your face !? Why are you half naked !? Why do you call him master !? she screamed at her laurien turned to face her and said because he is my master and I'm his slave mom James smiled and looked at her mother yeah mom and you will be to he said as he takes another bite of his pancake His mother just looked at him why would I ever . As he heard his mother going to sleep he walked down the hall to laurien his room he opened up and looked at laurien sitting in her sexy black lingerie her tits almost jumping out of it , and a thong a size of 2 to small for her . James closed the door behind him and walked over to her checking out the lingerie very good slave very good .

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Saki kasukabe
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