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#337900 - He tried to explain that it was Tina who instigated the fuck but I wouldn’t have any of it and threatened to call the police and tell them that he had raped my pregnant wife and he feel to his knees and told us it would ruin his and his family and after a short while I relented if he would make it worth our while. The men looked up and saw us and expressed the wish that we had had a restful sleep and we looked at each other and smiled and mum replied that indeed that was so. We watched as these very talented women worked on Tina and we could feel her legs quivering and see the colour of her body change as she neared orgasm and the women stopped, had a drink and a chat before starting again until Tina was on the verge again and they stopped and waited and this went on for about 30 minutes and Tina was becoming hard to hold as she wiggled and tried to thrust he body back into these mouths that were giving her so much pleasure but wouldn’t allow her to finish off.

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