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#339307 - “I have too babe… Your so fucking hot!” I giggled and smiled when Amy phone… This time… I answered “Sorry Ian’s busy love…” “Doing what?” She said, Sounding agitated… “Fucking me!” After that I hung up and rolled Ian onto the floor, Starting to ride him harder and faster, The pain now completely gone “Jesus Kate I didn’t know this would be this good!” I wasn’t quite sure how to take that but it felt good hearing it… We carried on fucking for what seemed like hours on end until he finally came inside me. I wanted to scream in pleasure and pain but all that escaped my lips were small whimpers… He moved slowly and gradually it started to feel good… Amazing infact! Whenever it felt better and less painful he’d start to move faster and harder, It’s like he knew how I was feeling… I looked deep into his eyes and whispered how bad I’d wanted this.

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I hate it when pornstars wear condoms
Emily sevensheep
This make me sooo wet