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#392787 - Aware of Wilma's difficulty, he pulled back as soon as he could but that meant his bottom was left vulnerable to the straps, that once again drove the dildo inwards, bringing a heat to his already sore bottom, again driving his throbbing cock into the weeping girl's mouth. She sat down on the sofa with her bottom over the edge, and leant back lifting and then opening her legs so her cunt was perfectly placed for the pleasure she was expecting. Whether from the surge of the dildo within him, or the painful strike of the strap against his bottom, David was flung forward against his bonds, crying out with the mix of sensations and sobbing as his cock was forced to the back of Wilma's mouth.

Read Hunk Mahoushoujyo Rensei System EPISODE 05 Gaydudes Mahoushoujyo Rensei System EPISODE 05

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