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#256947 - “Ah, Brenda! Why didn’t you tell me you were into me at school? I was totally into you too… You could’ve been sucking this dick for years…” she giggled a little before letting out a soft moan, Brenda had been taught well in the art of cocksucking, no surprise given Louise’s focus on receiving. Willow giggled softly to herself as she walked home, flicking happily through the photos she had taken on her phone that night, she had gotten together with a few of her old Highschool friends who were either also visiting home during college break like her or who had just never left for college in the first place. “You really did a lot of work huh, how on earth did you persuade her into this?” Willow asked, almost casually as she laced her finger through Brenda’s sandy blonde hair, her other hand freeing her own cock from her panties, her length still hardening but almost at its full five inches.

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This is so fucking hot easily one of my biggest fantasy s need one like this asap
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