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#38458 - I looked at the girls and told them how lovely they were and how exciting it was to watch them, but I also had a fantasy. I parted her lips and began fucking her pussy with my tongue and she was jerking and moaning so loud I thought someone from the highway may just stop and think someone was being attacked. Jenny slid up and they laid there looking into each others eyes, I looked down at two of the most beautiful women in the world, the contrast between the two was amazing, Beth's skin the color of caramel, long dark curly hair, with those deep chocolate nipples and no hair on a lovely pussy with just a slight showing of pink peeking through, and Jenny's skin really looking so light now beside Beth, with her long blonde hair, pink nipples and just a whisper of light blonde hair covering her pussy, I had to think back, just how this had come about and started smiling.

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