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#42804 - It took me a while but I found it then realized this whole time she has been biting her lower lip then another thought she is a virgin just like me but my dick took over and I plunged hitting something I realized must be her hymen there is something the system taught me finally but I still didn't know what to do then she did it for me pulling me until I was all the way in I was astonished. Thank you for reading all comments are welcome as I said its my first time and I know you have seen better please tell me how I can improve thank you very much for your time Spoiler alert There maybe a part two about what Alex does to Jasmine. I practically tore off the blouse well in my imagination of course but in reality my hands were too shacky that she had to help me I didn't know what to do next but thank you internet for porn I attacked her nipples sucking gently biting one whilst caressing the other I could feel some sort of heat

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