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#315261 - Saturday was just like any other then Tina came home and we thought a quiet drink to discuss what happened would be a good idea, so nipped to our local for a chat, l was expecting to hear, well it was fun but its best we forget the fuck we had, so before l heard how what we did was wrong, l confessed the sex was great and would love to do it again and to my surprise my sister Tina agreed saying how she enjoyed it to, but we must have rules, if she or l meet someone then we had to finish and most important was we have to be careful if any of the family got suspicious then we stop. When l got out the bathroom l got a wink from Tina and told not to go into her room as she had a surprise for me then she went off to her room, it was horrible waiting for the rest of our family to turn in. We both decided that going into each other’s bedrooms did increase the risk of being found out so Tina suggested that we could spend the odd night or weekend in a hotel, we finished our drinks and went h

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