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#215541 - Her step had a lift to it that was almost noticeable, even she sensed that she felt more alive than she had in years! At thirty eight, Dani was anything but a wallflower, but she never really felt comfortable around men, and therefore didn't put herself in the position where she would have to spend any more time than was necessary with the opposite sex! Sometimes she felt a pang of desire in her heart, but it was quickly replaced by the sense that if she didn't get involved she wouldn't get hurt--either physically or mentally! While driving the twenty minutes to her workplace in the suburbs, an insurance adjusting office, she found herself paying more attention to the men she saw walking on the side walks, or in passing automobiles. She glanced around to find some underwear, and noticed the set that had be mailed to her the day before, and after shrugging her shoulders as if to say why not, she slipped the panties on and tugged them up over her round ass and bulging

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