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#310317 - Laurens has told me everything, and if you want this to remain out little secret you just do as you’re told, understand!?!” With his head now spinning out of control and the feeling of lightheadedness overtaking him, all he could do was make a big gulp and reply softly, “Yes, sir, I understand!!!” Mr. Laurens, he wants to see you in his room at once…………. Jackson was the first to go over the edge as his pecker contracted hard three or four times in Gwen Silver’s mouth, which in turn started the dominos to fall as her own pussy convulsed around Josh’s pecker, which naturally set of his own explosion deep inside the hairless pussy of the hot mouthed secretary!!! On shaky legs Josh meandered back to his next period’s class which thankfully was a study hall!!! He wasn’t at all sure he could handle a real class, so as he sank into his seat and rested his head on the desk, he was roused to attention when the study hall proctor tapped him on the shoulder and announced, “Mr.

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