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#357626 - After the excitement of getting home had worn off and things had quieted down, Claire told Frank that if he felt up to it that they were invited to a cocktail party at the Carr's down the street a few houses. Now trying to avoid contact with anyone else, she tried to slip of to the kitchen where she could be alone for a few minutes but before she reached the kitchen door, the intensity of the buzzing in her cunt shot way up!!! Frank had turned up the power all the way! Claire was now delirious with lust and was also having a hard time even walking! She reeled across the floor into the kitchen and to safety--or so she thought, because just then Doris Carr came sweeping into the kitchen to pick up some more canapes. What was that for, he asked? Thanks for a wonderful present, answered Claire, and by the way how long do the batteries last!?! THE END.

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