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#300156 - ” “Well,” Jack laughed while fingering Dana to a hard climax, “I guess now’s as good a time as any to start!!!” Jack roughly shoved Dana onto the sofa before turning his attention to the now shaking Frank. It took him months of prodding and begging before she gave in, but much his dismay, not only did she love fucking a huge black pole, she became absolutely addicted to it! It was not unlike opening Pandora’s Box or trying to put the tooth paste back in the tube! Once it she got a taste of the big black bamboo it was all over! Now it had come to this, the man he had recruited four years ago for a one night fling had moved into their lives permanently! Now here he was, being forced to watch his wife satisfy each and every depraved fantasy of this black dominant! For her part Dana couldn’t get enough of him. “Okay, both of you strip,” Jack ordered, “and make it fuckin’ snappy, we don’t have all day here, I’ve got another white pussy comin’ up in a couple of hours!” Dana felt an inst

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