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#341653 - “Marie, school is out for the summer, and I have been saving up money from my job, and I was wondering…well… would you like it if I came to Sweden for a week or two?” I was so nervous when I asked her, I thought “what if she doesn’t want a real life boyfriend?” and “what if she thinks I am a stalker?” “That would be so awesome!” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, I was so happy that she said yes! So that was that, I was going to Sweden! Chapter Three: Sweden: I have always liked planes, and even more, I have always enjoyed messing with passengers on planes. This IS a true story, and I hope you like it, I sure did!!! Chapter One: Introduction: I first met Marie when one of my friends introduced me to her though an online video game. “Oh my god, that feels so amazing” I had never experienced anything like it, the amazing feel of mouth enveloping my hard cock was the most wonderful feeling of my life.

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