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#35756 - ” I say. ” IGNITE THE PASSION Lying awake, can’t sleep/Look over and I see you/Trying to form the words/They fall short (Bridge) You make everything better/Just be being you/You make everything better/By making me laugh (Chorus) You ignite the passion/My body is electric/By a simple touch/You ignite the passion/Never knew what this was like/Until I met you I’m drawn to you/We share something special/Calling out each other’s name/Clinging to one another I’m caught up in the moment/My whole body a wave of pleasure/Surrendering ourselves to this feeling/This animalistic hunger and thirst. I slide my body closer to you on the bed.

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Thank you
Kyousuke kousaka
I gotta say that was impressive i bet you could slide an 8lb ham in her ass and still have room to pull out the bone