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#261728 - ” She sighed, amazed that he even had a doubt and even more amazed that she had basically told him that she was going to do what she so adamantly insisted she would never do just a few minutes before, “Oh God, you must think I’m such a slut…” “Then I am too because right now what I want most in all the world is to hold you without all these damn clothes between us!” Gayle looked up at him and literally growled as she stepped out of his arms and took his hand and started leading him towards the elevators, only stopping when the hotel clerk called out, “Miss, your cards!” “God damnit. “And what’s your fucking problem now? Wasn’t I clear enough?” “I…I don’t know…know if…if I can do…do that…” “Fucking hell!” Mike growled as he reached down and roughly pulled the smaller man to his feet, “Look, Candy was right, she’s as small as a kid. He placed his torn bleeding wrist to her mouth, petting her soft brown hair with his other hand as he leaned down and whispered, “Drink G

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Mother fucker
Jun hono
One of my favorite couples
Aki nijou
The fucking title is giving me a stroke could just say i fucked my sisters fiance like wtf
Kokoro akechi
She looks like an alien