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#300980 - jenny miller nothing unusual about that but this was no ordinary letter, when I opened it a card fell out which said do you want to switch I started to read the letter and it said you have been nominated by friends to join the wives switch club and your nomination has been excepted, you and your husband qualify for membership, We only select people that meet the criteria once nominated you have to be 100% discrete at all time as you may well come into contact with members who are already switching should you wish to take up this very exclusive membership you have until 6pm tomorrow to register your interest otherwise you will no longer qualify, All we ask jenny is that you consider this very carefully as you may miss out on a chance of a life time to share yourselves with others, we know that most men want to see there wives with other partners whether it be male or female so this is your chance to make your husbands and your dreams and fantasies come true, Then it said if you

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