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#274520 - Just before I stood up I saw Kim and the girl he had been in the family cubical with Kelly`s dad, her name is Emma, Also the girl Amanda who had her pusse felt up in the snack area and Kelly they were chatting away. I can slip one of the films on the screen you all can watch, oh wow that would be fantastic dad, and can her dad come to? He was going take us for something to eat later, sure but what about her Granma I asked? I will ring and ask, Hi Kelly my dad said we could see a movie at his cinema, she explained all oh yeh what about your Nan? Ok see you later then and hung up, she said her Nan will sleep for the afternoon from travelling and her dad said he would love to if it was ok with you I told her he was welcome, Dad you’re fantastic and she gave me a long hug, I am going out to the hot tub, and maybe I will go to bed for a while and have another sleep, will you wake me up by 1pm? Please I sleep so sound I might sleep all day, sure Hun she went off to the tub, w

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