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#134947 - . God, what a day, Brenda commented to fellow sales girl, Rene, it's just been one customer after another! Going back to school will seem like a vacation! I hear ya, Rene replied while totaling up her sales for the day, it's a lot of work but we were lucky to get such good jobs over Christmas vacation! Yeah, you're right, Brenda replied with a sigh, but my feet are still killing me! The two nineteen year olds spent the next five minutes adding up their sales when at just the stroke of six the front door to the store flew open and a fiftyish woman burst inside and asked, You're still open aren't you, I mean the door was unlocked and all?!? Brenda half rolled her eyes to her friend before reluctantly replying, Of course we're open, how may I help you, ma'am? Rene gave a nod and a wink before slipping out the side door leaving Brenda alone in the store to close up.

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