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#354652 - Again, Alex was astounded at the delectable feelings that his other sister's wet pussy folds were producing around his cock and he loved it! “You feel so tight, Rob! I swear I can die happy now!” he delighted to her as another inch entered her and his balls were right up against her clitoris. Shaggy?” Sammy reached for Alex's shaft and slowly rubbed it against her friends ready and waiting pussy lips, “Show her Shaggy, fuck her 'till she cums all over your lovely fuck-stick! Then I'm going to suck it and you can finally fuck me too, I've waited so long for you to fuck me, Shaggy!” Angel looked into her friends face, “You haven't had him yet?” Sammy shook her head no and carried on her expert ministrations with his hardening shaft on her cunt.

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