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#129919 - As he inspect them ‘not the Ranger Rover’s width! Damn Candi don’t tell me you ran into poachers!” Flashing his Maglite beam along the tracks, figuring the direction of the tracks “Damn they’re going towards the Mozambique border!” Getting back to the Rover, grabbing the radio “Guys Head up I’m making for the Mozambique border in pursuit of an unknown vehicle!” Getting behind the wheel once more “Anyone close by I could use the backup!” Starting his engine before a reply comes Pieter, Dietric I’m about a kilometer from your position, will meet you there!” Well at least I’m not going alone unlike Candi! Runs through Pieter’s mind as he begins to follow the tracks. My arms and legs burning, my gashes splitting open again as more light flood the clearing “Good news Pieter, Johan stopped a pickup before it crossed the border, bad news two died but one survived!” just before I black out once more “How’s Candi?” The End.

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