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#178106 - I loved being inside her. ” Now I’m honored, but you know my name isn’t really Bill, besides wouldn’t it be more likely be called The Prego Club Home and School and what are your parents going to say I’m sure they won’t be too happy about their little girl having my child” “I know, Huh The Prego Club Ranch neat name where that come from” “ Something Amy and I kind of came up with, you know the Prego Club a club for girls to become pregnant by me” “ Cute, funny name, but that doesn’t matter for now, my parents are dead, killed in a car crash I live with my grandmother, but my lawyers and I control my money, with her guidance, so I’ve got everything planed out but I want to be on my own and the only way I can do that is to get pregnant, and your impregnating seed is want I need for now” she looked up at me “and then later after the ranch is up and running and everything has settled down we can start working on our second batch of our kids. 14 years old and the willing recip

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