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#248190 - But I really was annoyed and was ready to dump Paul and leave there and then, he could see that I was about to explode and he leaned across, touched my hand with his fingers and whispered, Please Sam, this is my Valentine present to you, just feel how big he is and he’s all yours for the evening. Lissa is a very petite and pretty oriental and I guessed she is Pauls ex, Ahmeed is the biggest, blackest, black man that I remember seeing, he is so black that his skin had a dark blue tint and he was built like a mountain, not fat but all muscle that rippled as he moved, he had tribal markings on his face, neck and the back of his hands. He said “Roll over Paul, bring Sam on top”, so with Paul still in my ass, Ahmeed just rammed his whole length into me, He was thrusting so hard that I was sliding up and down on Paul’s’ dick so as Ahmeeds pubic bone hit mine I slid up Paul’s dick, as he pulled out he pulled me back so Paul slid deep into my ass, it was not long before I could feel Paul’s

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