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#291756 - It was midafternoon when we were outside and me and my sister were geting very cold so me and her raced home and while we were running my sister Brittany sliped on some ice and hit her head on the hard frozen cement so i pick her up and take her inside and bring her something to put on her head and warm up some turkey to eat and turned on the tv for a little bit. So i walk into her room and close the door behind me and my sister hides behind her blanket so i sit down on the end of her bed and say wow you have a very fine body sis and she say thanx so i pull down my pants and pull out my boner and ask her are you a virgin and her awnser was yes so i get up and pull the blankets way from her and say do you wanna lose your virginity today with me and she hezatated but she said what if our little sister hears us and tell mom and i said i can take care of her if she sees or hears so i climb inti bed with her and take off my boxers and throw them at the door and i say to my sis do you wa

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