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#197688 - Me and Leon ended up going to bed so drunk it felt like my bedroom was spinning around at 100 mph but we paid the price in the morning. When I got back home Leon was waiting up for me and when I walked thought the door I looked at hime and said Thank you Leon looked at me and said It's cool like I said it really does get better once you accept it so for the rest of the night me and Leon was talking about what had happened at the restaurant and how nice the meal was ect. I sat down on my bed as Leon patched me up I turned to face Leon and said Why does it have to be me that's gay? Leon started laughting at me and said Blake it's not like we are specially selected.

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She looks so much like my ex even wearing the corsets best blowjob ever also
Suzume amano
Very hot to see how you get fucked what a lucky guy great scene