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#297678 - i finally told you that you wanted to do that then to put your dick in me and vibrate my clit. Ofter making my pussy very very wet you go to work on my clit you flick hard with your tongue and suck on it so nicely to see how hard you can make it when you think its hard eoungh and sticking up high enough you put your fingers inside me just one to start then 2 and your going deeper and deeper then you pull back a little and put another finger then you make me spread my legs wider and lick around your fingers and then i felt something strange kind of cold and I opened my eye's and look ed down and you had a vibrator that was huge. No man had ever ever ever done that to me.

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Kouhei izumi
Advice put the dildo in warm or hot water to get more stimulating effects
Haha thanks a bunch
Should have just kept it in her pussy that poop lost me
Love it more abs though please