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#184750 - over the next few days i stayed away not wanting to see susan and dreading seeing lisa incase her mom told her about what i did. james that day in the bathroom did you walk in on me because you want me this is my chance i thought to my self so i quickly responded yes susan i walked in on you because i have wanted to see you naked from the first moment i saw you i flirt with you all the time because i cant stop thinking about you when i fuck your daughter i imagine its you im fucking and its driving me insane because although i am going out with your daughter its you i really want to be with. before she took it in her mouth she said i hope you know what your letting your self in for because i am the dirtiest bitch you will ever fuck then she took my cock in her mouth all the way to the back of her throut i could hear her gagging but she didnt let that spoil what she did i grabbed a hand ful of her hair and started to fuck her mouth i didnt last long before my cock exploded all my cum do

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Kimihito kurusu
Wish the best for you bro
Hanzou urushihara
He did a great job he put in work worked to please her i loved the way he whispered to her he really got into it played with her breast licked her pussy to get her wet and worked up instead of just diving right in nicely done then the dirty talk while he fucks her love it the noises he made while fucking her so hot and the stroke game beautiful nicely done sir