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#80461 - It wasn't the old fellow who had been driving the bread truck ever since I could remember. No matter how I tried to soothe him, petting him with my hand and telling him what a good papa he was, it only seemed to make it worse, until he finally passed into the whiskey sleep, still laying heavy and smothering, so huge on my tiny body; and when I woke up the next morning, he would be gone, not just from my bed but all the way out of the house, gone without breakfast to his day of hard work because he couldn't face me in broad open daylight after using me so in the dark. A paved road, but just barely, full of potholes that never got fixed, and with the underbrush hanging close along the drainage ditches.

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Haruno yukinoshita
This is awesome any more of her moaning like this
The night hentai is among my hentais too just check in my profile