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#310681 - Leaving them to catch up l went for a walk when l returned Jodie poured me a glass declaring since l didn’t have to drive it would be fine for me to have a drink, l thanked her and sat at the table. After a great 69 we moved on to Molly sitting on my cock to ride herself as if she was on a mechanical bull, she use her inner pussy muscle to grip my cock tight, lift herself up then release her hold and come back down Molly repeated this move time after time and when l was ready to deliver my load l held her down on my cock as a surge of spunk swamped her womb she held her stomach with one hand and let out ‘oh my god that feels so, so good’, we stay joined till her orgasm subsided. I asked her to lay onto her back and spread her fantastic pussy lips, got myself between them and started tongue fucking her paying particular attention to her swollen clitoris, Molly’s juices began to flow like a stream which l lapped up, she tasted so sweet.

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This is awesome isn t it amazing how that little smack can make things go crazy i need to figure out how to catch it on hentai also to learn to still hold myself upright on top while cumming my legs start shaking and give out and i always have to end up switching positions
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