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#387397 - I couldn’t see what the others were doing, being trapped between Wendy’s legs but I could hear words of encouragement, after about five minutes I felt my smock being pushed up, then a pair of hands came around Wendy, she put up a little resistance in being removed from my mouth, but seconds later she was sat on my lap with my cock deep in her pussy, she looked me in the eye and I saw a tear run down her cheek, “Are you alright” I asked, she dropped her head on my shoulder and said she was. Don’t tell me to go for it, I want to respect my daughters wish’s, and let their daughters have a childhood, but they are maturing faster than their mothers, so their knowledge is greater than when my girls were their age. Wendy too married and she too came home to daddy’s bed, almost a year after Emily, she also had a daughter.

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