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#137687 - With this nearing the end there was a knock at the door, we went to see who was there, it turned out to be a female taxi driver, “I’ve your mother in the car and she a little drunk” Tony and I went out to help her in, as we got her out of the car she started heaving, sitting her on the wall we stood back as she chucked up, the cab had been paid for so the driver wished us well and drove off. We managed to wash his mom down, it was hard as we washed her tits, seeing her nipples get hard was a surprise and we didn’t really know why this happened, when it came to washing her between her legs, Tony wouldn’t go near and I had to do this, I used a wash cloth and it took me seconds, we got her to the bedroom and started drying her off, I could see Tony was as aroused as I was, our cocks pushing our underwear right out, Tony was drying her upper body as I dried her lower body, I lifted a leg up to dry her feet and this opened her legs right up and her pussy was also as open to me, I pause

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