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#26047 - i begun to slow down, as i felt like her pussy was sucking on my dick, she told me to kneal down as she got on all fours, she continued to say enter me, i thought it meant her ass, as i tried to penetrate through the tightness, she screamget it out of there she pulled my dick away from her ass and directed it inside her pussy, i had an idea wat to do, cause i have two pet dogs and i begun humping her at a fast pace, she gave out a loud moan as i grunted, i went on until i felt something go throuh my dick and exits the head and moans escaped my lips, i continued to try to hump her but i couldn't work through the sensitivity, she pushed herself back until i fell on the bed and she was on top of me but with her back to me and she begun to ride me again, i tried to get her to slow down but she saiddont take this away from me, i battled the sensitivity until it was slowly going away, then she gave out a long loud moan and she came. before i could speak again she stopped me, dont

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