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#345075 - His tongue traces my lips then “Oh she kind of sweet and metalic at the same time, either that or I’m really wasted guys!” Rob speaks up “Quiet isn’t she, mustn’t be turned on being with the three of us he-men!” Keith laughs “Look at the look on her face!” leaning in closer “Ah what’s the matter, Tell your next boyfriend all about it!” Closing my eyes so I don’t have to see his face, screaming inside loud ‘ Sherry come find me!” Then I feel the slap of a palm across my cheek! “Why the hell did you do that Keith?” Joe’s looks up from my Venus mound. “Let me up you fuckers or I swear I’ll stab you both!” As she struggles then screams as her asshole is penetrated “Stop it asshole!” then a high pitched scream of Noooo! And tears greet the morning. Keith goes next and twenty minutes later Joe uses my ass!” Then once more they break for a beer and to smoke another joint.

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