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#217146 - My dog that I don't have yells at me that we have to get home, because it's getting colder, so we haul ass back to my crib. She gets off of the counter and very deliberately kneels down, grabs my dick, places it in her mouth, sucks on it for a good ten or fifteen seconds, then says in a mocking nasally tone, Ew dude, my pussy was just on that, before resuming her seat on my counter and leaning back to expose her hoo-ha. She holds it for a second, possibly marveling at its averageness, then she lets go and adjusts her position so that she's straddling me, on her knees, with her boobs hanging in my face.


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Anyone try the new burger king tacos yet
Sensual and erotic i loved it
Hiyoko saionji
This so nice i love it
Adore you baby thanks