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#1011 - ” “So I got together with the owner of a porn movie empire in LA, and contracted with him to send down some of his best talent to perform sex with the donkeys. ” Dale took another big swig of his shaved ice drink, and then went on, “First he wants us to cut our operating expenses and, to that end, he insisted that we have you two go to work for the business, in the sales department. ” “The human female’s orifices can quickly adapt to nearly anything, and our experience with the whores and porn stars has been that they not only end up loving the fucking they get, they all want to come back for more.

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Misora tsukishima
She is kira burn
Shoichi imayoshi
Anyway you re close to syracuse andie
Sae niijima
Kallen stadtfeld | kallen kouzuki
Reminds me of me exes mom hot asf