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#147983 - Everytime she pulled it out snow white saliva and precum mix trailed from my purple bulbous helmet to her pink lips,i placed my hands on the sides of her head to fuck her mouth and felt her teeth grip the middle of my shaft, needless to say i let go; she gripped my butt cheeks and dug her nails in pulling me into her and forcing me down for a more mutual feeling, i knew it wouldn't be long before she'd have to swallow but would she. Then as suddenly as it had begun it was over, maggie stood back adjusted her clothes; do you want more? she asked. She stopped the car and turned off the ignition, the car fell silent for a moment and as then as she turned to me and said if you let me suck your cock i'll pay you £100($200), stunned i just looked at her; whwhywhat.

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