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#93331 - It was then Joes dog came bounding up behind Kim she did not see him and the dog started to lick the cum from Kim's cunt at first she gave a frown look but that soon changed to a smile as the dog lapped it all and Kim started to moan with delight Joe didn't stop his dog but encouraged him to lick moor , Joe saw me getting cross and told me all would be ok just let him have his lick then asked Kim if she was ok , my wife was enjoying the whole event and her look made me start to get an erection Joe also was stroking his cock so we both were encouraging the dog to eat moor it was then I saw the dogs cock it was huge and very red Joe was in front of Kim asking her if she would like his dog to fuck her and telling her he was a great fuck but be aware his cock is huge and explained that when he cums he will knott inside and swell and you will experience the fuck of your life. As we chatted he asked if we were nudists as there was a part of the river that we could use to sun bath

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