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#275246 - Just then Pete and Amy arrived and she greeted me with a kiss and a hug and whispered “Are you sure about tonight?” I shook my head and said “As of right now, I think so, but I can always back out, right?” She laughed “of course you can, we will never force you to do anything unless there is a safe word established beforehand, and even then, you have the safe word” With a grin from her perfect lips and twinkle from her emerald green eyes, I knew everything was going to be ok. I explained that when I was younger, I had taken a shower and went back to my room. I gently pushed myself backwards onto his hand and thumb, forcing it deep into my ass as he began to fuck me like he was holding a bowling ball with three fingers stuck in one hole and his thumb in the other.

Read Outdoor 进击的冰糖心-中国语(201906号) - Nano core Latinas 进击的冰糖心-中国语(201906号)

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