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#61544 - Thursday night we had a 3 some arranged with Frank our regular bi guy, I told Kerry and asked if she wanted to join in as a warm up, to see some bi sex, she jumped at the invite and came over just before Frank arrived. Still with Lyn's arm up my ass, my cock was going balls deep in Kerry's mouth as Frank pushed her forward onto me with each thrust, Kerry rocking between the two of us, was lost in sexual lust now, Lyn let me loose, then moved to lay under Kerry working her clit, of course Kerry went into one long loud orgasm, as we all tried to hang on. I left Frank to carry on with Lyn and went back to fuck Kerry once more, hearing him grunt louder, we knew Lyn was taking his juices, both gasped and collapsed in a heap after he let her go, Kerry was surprised when I went down sucking his cock clean, then Lyn's ass.

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Yan qing
Siete incredibili quando non vi seguo cerco hentai in italiano e oggi scopro questo siete davvero incredibili
Not much info about her except her name seems to be abbie
Akai haato
Ill take alll turned_down chubbies please
Marianne vi britannia
Wish you were my neighbor