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#147315 - That I swallowed down. Later that night when my husband and I went to bed he moved close to me and I felt his hard cock push against me, my pussy was so sore from taking all that cock, so I moved a bit and his cock slipped into my ass hole, he moved close to me and said honey your pussy feels so tight tonight, as he pumped my ass, as he fucked my ass I could hear his friends in the other room, talking, I wanted so bad to tell him I wanted them all to humiliate me and fuck me but my cunt was so sore from the black cocks that day, hubby shot his load in my ass and pulled out, then pulled my panties up, I laid there in bed with his cum running out my ass making my panties wet, when all the sudden I remembered my white silk lace panties were still in the back yard.

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